Sex Offenders

  • After serving their sentence, the release of convicted sex offenders into communities has created a public outcry for increased prison sentences, higher levels of supervision upon release, or both.
  • Prisons, however, are already overcrowded which means that longer sentences would force officials to either build additional facilities or grant other inmates early release. Likewise, in order to increase the level of post-release supervision, either the number of officials assigned to sex offender supervision would have to increase or current officers would be burdened with larger caseloads. Unfortunately, the funding required for additional supervisory officers or for the construction of new correctional facilities is unavailable.


  • GPS systems from ABK Tracking can monitor the location of enrolled sex offenders around the clock. Traditional “house arrest” systems can only verify an individual’s presence in a house/residence, but don’t have the ability to track offenders once outside the house. ABK Tracking can mandate that no enrolled sex offender be within a 500 foot radius of any school in the community. If an offender violates the mandate, system can provide near real-time notification of the actual infraction and offer a verifiable court reference for the violation.